project/article ideas

misc learning

  • Rocket textbook
  • Old maths topics
  • Python data analysis
  • R time series
  • Linux
  • Github
  • Maths history
  • Fundamentals of physics
  • agile 
  • leet


  • Classification of phenomena by how easy they are to predict.
  • Properties of industry-related derivatives. 
  • Automation - is it happening?
  • Economic analysis on admin data e.g. VAT data to estimate lifespan of firms.
  • test whether machine learning can 'discover' hidden structure (that is planted)
  • define usefulness & closeness to decision makers.
  • systematic way to uncover secrets knowledge about how things actually work.
  • wage data derivatives
  • lateral inhibition vs social norms.... implications for raising children


  • booksonnews - multi-disciplinary analysis of news.
  • sig|nal - code to mark mathematics exams.
  • ONS outlier/trend detection - python code.
  • Dissertation - machine learning applied to macroeconomic/micro data.
  • Quantecon - translate Python code into R.
  • OBR - translate winsolve OBR code into Python.
  • Linear algebra udemy course.
  • book review web scraper classified by reviewer
  • guided journalling/
  • G-Fold algorithm
  • Classifying prediction problems
  • r package ons statistics + build in methodology + analysis
  • not big data but small data, outlier/anomaly/weirdness detection
  • youtube video scanning of questions with elon - categorising the questions 
  • model different models competing against each other in fake assets markets and see who wins/ get most returns
  • case studies of where data science has worked
  • reinforcement learning in a game with changing rules. i.e. learning how to learn